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Sneak Peek: Taylor + Andrew Married | Plattsburgh Chapel Wedding

Well hopefully you’re sitting down, because we have a long one to share with you today! So long that we may have mis-titled it “Sneak Peek”! On May 31st, Taylor and Andrew tied the knot at the lovely Plattsburgh Memorial Chapel. And before I go any further with their post, let me say, this has been one of the most genuinely loving and family first couples we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Take a look at some of our favorites from their day!

Absolutely Stunning!

Who knew we all these super heroes involved in Taylor and Andrew’s wedding day!?!? Looking quite heroic indeed!

On to celebrate at West Side Ballroom!

We normally like to end our sneak peeks with some intimate First Dance images, but this was not quite an average reception. Now before we continue on, let me say, Debbie and I got a chance to learn how caring these two certainly are for their families, and it certainly shows in what happened later that night. The plan had been hatched earlier that day, Randy, their DJ had been informed once we arrive at West Side Ballroom, and most everyone was know on the same page. And once Taylor got to tossing her bouquet, it “mysteriously” found it’s way right into Andrew’s sister Jamie’s hands. Without spoiling it, here’s why:

The two happiest couples of the night!

Stay tuned for more images from Taylor and Andrew’s Wedding!

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