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Katelyn + Stephen Engaged | Charleston, SC Engagement

We’d been talking back and forth with Katelyn and it just so happened that we would be able to meet up with these two in Charleston, SC while we were on our trip in Florida. After the 22 hour trek from Florida to Plattsburgh, a five hour ride to Charleston was like a walk in the park. So it was set, we were going to get to visit the gorgeous city of Charleston, meeting up with Katelyn + Stephen and be able to document it all. We new from the get go that their session was going to be a blast from the text Katelyn sent right before we met up: “We will be the really smiley couple with dirty blond hair!” These two were absolutely adorable right from the start. Take a look at some of our favorites from there session as we made our way through the historic district of Charleston!Charleston Engagement-01Charleston Engagement-02

Did we mention that the houses in downtown Charleston are quite possible the most amazing anywhere!

Charleston Engagement-03

We love to joke around with our couples and have them whisper fun secrets during posing. Well, Stephen’s idea of “sweet nothings” were a bit different then most. As we moved in closer we heard complex pharmaceutical chemical names. And shortly after we learned that we had some scholars on our hands! Let’s just say there are a few degrees already in this future family!

Charleston Engagement-04Charleston Engagement-05Charleston Engagement-06Charleston Engagement-07

Good Lord, the Charleston architecture!  And the color! A big change from the varying shades of grey we’ve had for a few months now!

Charleston Engagement-08Charleston Engagement-09Charleston Engagement-10Charleston Engagement-11Charleston Engagement-12Charleston Engagement-13Charleston Engagement-14Charleston Engagement-15Charleston Engagement-16Charleston Engagement-17

One of our absolute faves!

Charleston Engagement-18Charleston Engagement-19Charleston Engagement-20

So as you take a look at this awesome ring below, we have to tell you how amazing Katelyn and Stephen’s friends are. But a little backstory… This ring is just a place holder for the engagement ring that one of their friends had designed and forged for Katelyn. And, the reason for the place holder…their friend is designing her custom wedding ring to fit perfectly with the engagement ring. But better yet, one of their other friends designed this ring! I mean, come on, how cool is that!

Charleston Engagement-21Charleston Engagement-22Charleston Engagement-23Charleston Engagement-24Charleston Engagement-25Charleston Engagement-26Charleston Engagement-27Charleston Engagement-28Charleston Engagement-29Charleston Engagement-30

And then we got the local insight to a great beach super close to Katelyn and Stephen’s house.

Charleston Engagement-31Charleston Engagement-32Charleston Engagement-33Charleston Engagement-34Charleston Engagement-35Charleston Engagement-36Charleston Engagement-37Charleston Engagement-38Charleston Engagement-39Charleston Engagement-40Thank you guys for such an amazing time! We can’t wait for your wedding!

Rob Healey - I may be biased, but such a cute couple. Great photo shoot !! :-)

Tracy DeCoste - Beautiful photos of two special people in one of the most beautiful cities.

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