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Erin + Miguel Engaged | Point au Roche

We tried and tried, a few times actually, to get out with this amazing couple for their Get to Know You session and mother nature just wasn’t having it. Finally, we were able to head up to Point au Roche in October and we had a blast. It was a chilly and windy one, but we managed to steer clear, at least for a little while!


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We felt adventurous and headed on over to the water. Fortunately the wind wasn’t heading out way!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-07Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-13

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-12Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-11Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-10Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-09

One of our favorites!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-08

Umm….Holy bling!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-14

Love this little red building!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-15Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-16Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-18

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-19Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-20

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-21

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-23Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-22

I think we found the wind!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-24

So we headed back to the cars and jokingly said: “A few on the swings?” Then figured, what the heck! And ended up with this adorable gem!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-25Plattsburgh Wedding Photographer-26¬†We had so much fun with these two and can’t wait until there wedding this summer! Thanks so much for sticking it our with us in the crazy wind!

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