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Courtney + Chris Married | Mooers Forks Wedding


So when you think of April, you think of Spring, warmer temperatures and things starting to bloom. Well we had that…the day before Courtney + Chris’ wedding. It decided to drop into the 30s for there wedding day. Yes, you read that right, T-H-I-R-T-I-E-S, thrirties. But that wasn’t going to affect these two!

The morning started with a fresh coat of snow all across the North Country. And ever the positive person, Courtney said: “I’ll take it. I’d much rather have snow that rain!” And seriously that’s how awesome and go with the flow these two are. We had so much fun with them!

Take a peak at our favorites from their wedding day. Enjoy!

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Meanwhile, back in the Bruins locker room…I mean Chris’ groomsmen getting ready!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-11Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-12Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-13Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-14

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-16

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-15

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-17

I don’t think Chris stopped smiling all day!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-18Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-19Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-20Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-21Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-22Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-23Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-24Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-25Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-26

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-28

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-27

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