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Courtney + Chris Married | Mooers Forks Wedding

So when you think of April, you think of Spring, warmer temperatures and things starting to bloom. Well we had that&#

Happy Anniversary – Rebecca + DJ

Can’t believe it’s already been a year! So much fun to look back at our couples wedding portraits. We

Sneak Peek: Courtney and Kalynn – Married | Rainbow Banquet Hall Wedding

We had so much fun at Courtney + Kalynn’s wedding this past weekend! These two ladies are absolutely gorgeous and

Sneak Peek: Taylor + Andrew Married | Plattsburgh Chapel Wedding

Well hopefully you’re sitting down, because we have a long one to share with you today! So long that we may have

Sneak Peek: Heather + David Married | Holiday Inn Wedding

Hi All! Its been a bit crazy over here lately but we couldn’t let too much time pass before we got a sneak peek of

Sneak Peek: Rebecca & DJ Married | Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers

So there are a couple reasons that I’m writing today’s post. One, Debbie is out of town for a Newborn