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Courtney + Chris Married | Mooers Forks Wedding


So when you think of April, you think of Spring, warmer temperatures and things starting to bloom. Well we had that…the day before Courtney + Chris’ wedding. It decided to drop into the 30s for there wedding day. Yes, you read that right, T-H-I-R-T-I-E-S, thrirties. But that wasn’t going to affect these two!

The morning started with a fresh coat of snow all across the North Country. And ever the positive person, Courtney said: “I’ll take it. I’d much rather have snow that rain!” And seriously that’s how awesome and go with the flow these two are. We had so much fun with them!

Take a peak at our favorites from their wedding day. Enjoy!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-01Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-02Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-03Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-04Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-05Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-06Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-07Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-08Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-09

Meanwhile, back in the Bruins locker room…I mean Chris’ groomsmen getting ready!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-11Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-12Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-13Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-14

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-16

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-15

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-17

I don’t think Chris stopped smiling all day!

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-18Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-19Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-20Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-21Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-22Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-23Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-24Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-25Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-26

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-28

Plattsburgh Wedding Photographers-27

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Megan + Matthew Engaged | Orchard House – Peru, NY Engagement

It may be April but that didn’t stop us from having a great time outside with Megan and Matthew. In just a few short weeks we’ll be at the Orchard House in Peru to shoot their Wedding, so Megan figured it would be great to shoot there Get to Know You session there too. We couldn’t agree more. It was so quiet spending time with these two, and they were naturals!

Spoiler Alert, you may not be able to handle how cute Megan and Matthew are together!

Orchard House Wedding-01


Orchard House Wedding-02


Orchard House Wedding-03


Orchard House Wedding-04


Orchard House Wedding-05


Orchard House Wedding-06


Orchard House Wedding-07


Orchard House Wedding-08


Orchard House Wedding-09


Orchard House Wedding-10


Orchard House Wedding-11


Orchard House Wedding-12


Orchard House Wedding-13


Orchard House Wedding-14


Orchard House Wedding-15


Orchard House Wedding-16


Orchard House Wedding-17


Orchard House Wedding-18

And that ring! How awesome is that!

Orchard House Wedding-19


Just a few weeks away! Can’t wait!